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Humminbird AutoChart PC software and SD card with map and  shorelines. Provides the opportunity to create custom charts for Humminbird with a combined Plotter / Sonar. There are two models, in addition to standard features, the Pro model has the ability to show bottom hardness and create SideImaging mosaics.

Many smaller lakes are not mapped, now it is possible. Humminbird AutoChart PC creates a chart based on technology from DrDepth and Lakemaster. A unique chart that gives the angler extended depth curves that make it easier to find fish. Older DrDepth files and recordings can be used to create Humminbird AutoChart. The chart creater also has many unique features for the angler. AutoChart provides depth curves with adjustable intervals of 0.25 meters and unique features. Adjust the water level, highlight hot areas, create waypoints, etc. A highly appreciated feature is the ability to automatically follow depth curves with My Kota i-Pilot Link.

AutoChart creates detailed charts according to the user's wishes Compatible with i-Pilot LINK Contains AutoChart software and SD shoreline

AutoChart is compatible with Humminbird GPS plotter / echo sounder from 688, 698, 788, 798, 858, 859, 898, 899, 958, 959, 998, 999, 1158, 1159, 1198, 1199, ION, and INOX

The Humminbird Plotter / Sonar must be updated at

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