BFT Instinct X7 Limited Edition

BFT Instinct X7 Limited Edition

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The BFT Instinct X7 Limited Edition baitcasting reel is a proper tool for heavy-duty pike fishing. The Instinct X7 Limited Edition reel has a sturdy housing, resilient drag, and durable gearing. This reel packs enough punch for tiring out even larger pike and casting larger lures. 

Even though the BFT Instinct X7 Limited Edition is a full-blooded pike reel, it is extremely light-weight. This reel puts to bed the old idea that pike sets must be heavy and cumbersome. The important thing is that the reel’s components can withstand even heavier use, and that is something you can rely on when choosing the Instict X7 Limited Edition reel.

BFT Instict X7 Limited Edition – now in glorious silver.



  • 6.2:1 gear ratio
  • Low profile
  • 7 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing drive with instant Anti-Reverse, highly resistant to salty water
  • Carbon washer drag system 
  • EVA grips mounted on a over dimensioned handle for higher cranking power, they provide good grip, even in cold conditions and with wet hands
  • Dual Braking System, DBS, is made for super precise casts 
  • Line capacity 135m / 0,36mm Strike Wire 
  • Weight 280g