Boattrailer 700V 451 T160

Boattrailer 700V 451 T160

10 450,00 krPrice

Appropriate for boats up to 14 feet (4.3m) in length. The trailers frame is made of galvanized steel. Standard equipment includes step-on fenders and waterproof hubs. The rear tilting frame equipped with support wheels lets You to find the right angle for winching the boat on and off the trailer. The boat is equally balanced by keel rolls and adjustable support rolls on the sides.


  • Hot-dip galvanized welded frame
  • Jockey wheel + bracket, load 150 kg, solid rubber tyre
  • Winch 800kg, belt 5cm x 7.5m
  • Adjustable winch stand
  • Waterproof hubs
  • Easy adjustable side rollers
  • Adjustable keel roller
  • Rear tilting frame equipped with support wheels
  • Lashing eyes
  • Step on fenders


Trailer´s dimensions: 16x5,2 feet (4,88x1,6m)

Gross weights: 700 Kg

Unladen weight: 162 Kg

Payload: 538 Kg

Axle type: torsion


Additional shipping costs, just in sweden available