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Bullseye Beast Boat Cast / Spin

Bullseye Beast Boat Cast / Spin

3 390,00 krPrice

The swiss company Bullseye Fishing is known as a high quality rod producer.

The Beast- incredible baitfeeling, long casts less dropouts!


Length: 2.40 meters
Casting weight: 45 - 90 grams casting weight
Transport length: 125cm
Guides: FUJI K-AL rings 8 + 1
Reel seat: FUJI VSS
Blank: Slim Lotus-Woven Composite -40 tone
Weight: ONLY 170 grams
Feature: hook eye
Elegant design
Continuous handle with high-quality EVA


The Beast Boat 240 45-90g
The Beast Boat is of course just as suitable for fishing from the shore or from a boat! The characteristic of the blank goes hand in hand with the Beast 275 45-90g and is extremely fast in its recovery, very direct in its transmission and changes to semi-parabolic under load.
This progressive action of the rod means that there are significantly fewer fighters! An absolute piece of work equipment that makes pike fishing and heavy zander fishing a lot of fun!


The development is based on years of experience. The two fishing guides, Norman Tramnitz and Thomas Kofler (Smaland Sportfiske), were closely involved in the development of this rod for boat fishing. The two fishing rods with your guests with exactly the bait for which the Beast Boat 240 was developed. And so, with the extensive practical experience of two well-known anglers, this rod could be perfected down to the smallest detail.


The rod for fishing with medium pike baits.
We had the goal to develop a fishing rod for pike bait in the middle weight class. Many artificial baits that are very successful for pike fishing are in this spectrum. Designed for boat fishing, this rod can also be comfortably fished from the bank with its length of 240cm. A 3000 spinning reel is ideal, but even a 4000 does not throw this pike off balance so quickly.


The perfect rod for Pig Shad Jr. and co! After the huge success of the Bullseye Beast 275, the demand for a shorter version became louder and louder. The extremely dynamic blank allows full control of lively pike drills through weeds or branches! The 240cm Beast Boat ties in right there! An incredibly light but extremely dynamic rod for medium pike fishing and at the same time a strong pikeperch rod for fishing from a boat!


As usual, only first-class components!

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