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Bullseye Beast The Dentist Cast

Bullseye Beast The Dentist Cast

3 490,00 krPrice

The swiss company Bullseye Fishing is known as a high quality rod producer.

The Beast- incredible baitfeeling, long casts less dropouts!


  • FUJI K SS AL rings 9 + 1
  • FUJI PULS reel seat
  • Slim Lotus-Woven Composite -40 Tone Blank
  • perfect balance thanks to interchangeable counterweights (10g, 15g, 20g)
  • Hook eye
  • elegant design
  • Continuous handle with high-quality EVA


Lenght: 8,4 feet (2,55m)

Weight: ONLY 204 grams light (+ counterweights)

Castweight: 50 -  145 grams (tolerance up to 220 grams)


The Bullseye The Dentist Cast 255 50-145g is the cast rod for heavy bait and heavy fish and the logical response to the Bullseye Dentist! The slim but incredibly powerful blank is gentle and brutal at the same time! A perfect hook setting, few drill climbers, easy throwing and a very direct transmission were the cornerstones of our specifications in addition to the low dead weight. What came out of it is just a dream rod for heavy predator fishing! The main discipline of this rod is fishing with large rubber fish and swimbaits, but due to the perfect balance and rod action, jerkbaits, spinnerbaits and wobblers can also be cast and guided perfectly with it. The rod has the option of balancing the combo with a maximum of 55g, depending on the reel fitted. So you can fish for days without getting tired and bait can be animated with the wrist without much effort.


With this rod, too, we have stretched ourselves to the absolute optimum in the almost two-year development period and adapted many details to ensure that it is absolutely practical!


The Fuji PULS reel seat has the advantage that you no longer hold a thread in your hands and you can avoid pressure points on your hands. At the same time, the nut is locked on the reel seat and stays in place throughout the season!


The strong blank sets the stop reliably in all situations and the progressive action cushions all flights and drastically minimizes the number of people dropping out in the fight. If the pike hangs here, he has bad cards!

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