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Bullseye PelaJerk 198 20-85g

Bullseye PelaJerk 198 20-85g

2 890,00 krPrice

The swiss company Bullseye Fishing is known as a high quality rod producer.


  • lenght: 6,5ft (198cm)
  • castweight: 20-85g
  • weigth: 178g
  • Super slim lotus woven composite -36 tone blank
  • 9 + 1 Fuji Alconite K-guides
  • Fuji ECSM Reel Seat with high quality EVA
  • Perfect balance without additional weight
  • Extra short handle for better handling
  • Best quality
  • Functional design


The PelaJerk 198 20-85g is an incredibly sensitive, light and at the same time powerful rod! Thanks to the slightly more sensitive tip, the modern jerkbaits can be guided perfectly, so in practice you have significantly fewer bad bites than with the hard broomsticks from before the millennium! The experience of our team was incorporated into the development, professionals such as René Berndt and Thomas Kofler tested the various prototypes and incorporated change requests.


After pelage has become a huge issue in the age of photo-realistic echo sounders, boat, kayak and belly fishing, the right rods for this technique have not yet been available and you always had to compromise. Since then, jerk bait fishing has been celebrating a renaissance through YouTube formats such as Fly vs. Jerk and Pikefight! Bullseye has taken on this topic in the last almost 2 years and developed the perfect rod for these techniques!


Concept and function:
When we develop a rod for certain fishing techniques or target fish, we optimize until the rod meets our requirements 100%, no matter how elegant the rod looks, we are of course even happier with the result. The Fuji ECSM reel seat offers direct contact with the blank and a very direct transfer. The rod can be disassembled in the handle for transport. Of course, we also rely on the proven quality of the Fuji K SS AL guides for this model, the rod is 9 + 1 ringed.

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