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Bullseye Skip Whip Cast / Spin

Bullseye Skip Whip Cast / Spin

2 490,00 krPrice

The swiss company Bullseye Fishing is known as a high quality rod producer.


Length: 180cm
Casting weight: 10-40g
Transport length: 152cm thanks to the removable handle
Guides: 7 + 1 Fuji SS Alconite K-guides
Reel seat: Fuji TSV Reel Seat with high quality EVA
Blank: Super slim lotus woven composite -36 tone blank
Weight: 124g

  • Perfect balance without additional weight
  • Extra short handle for better handling
  • Handle can be dismantled for easier transport
  • Best quality
  • Functional design


The Skip Whip C 180 10-40g is precisely tailored to the requirements of vertical fishing and with the second edition it has been made even more versatile! The somewhat more consistent action is ideal to be able to fish almost all other techniques with it in addition to the vertical. Especially on the belly boat, kayak or canoe you are happy if you can cover as much as possible with one rod. The short handle allows perfect handling in confined spaces and thanks to the 180cm length, fish can also be directed perfectly over the net with a short net or even while sitting.


The blank transmits super and the unbelievable power in the backbone sets a penetrating stop even with big pikeperch in deep waters!


The best quality money can buy!


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