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Bullseye Tip Whip 215 6-26g

Bullseye Tip Whip 215 6-26g

3 390,00 krPrice

he swiss company Bullseye Fishing is known as a high quality rod producer.

The Tip Whip might be the best rod for dropshot fishing in market.


  • Super slim lotus woven composite -36 tone blank
  • 7 + 1 Fuji Titanium SIC K guides
  • Fuji TSV Reel Seat with high quality EVA
  • High quality EVA
  • Perfect balance without additional weight
  • Best quality
  • Functional design


Lenght: 7,1 feet (2,15 m)

Weight: 94 grams

Castweight: 6-26 grams


The Tip Whip 215 6-26g has been developed precisely to meet the requirements of modern active fishing! Not only equipped with the super fast composite carbon blanks from Japan, but also perfectly distributed Fuji Titanium SIC K-Guides and Fuji TSV reel seat with seamless EVA. Thus we offer the highest quality components that are currently technically possible because we did not want to compromise!


The blank enables the fish to suck in the bait almost without resistance using various finesse techniques, because of the sensitive tip. Thus, thanks to the unique action of the drop-short, Texas or Carolina rig, the bait can be animated perfectly. Every fine touch is transferred directly and clearly. The strong backbone has enough reserves for every fight.


The best quality money can buy!

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