Daiwa Tournament D'Fin - UV Lime Pearl

Daiwa Tournament D'Fin - UV Lime Pearl

65,00 krPrice

The D'Fin with classic wobbling tail generates strong flanking moves even without jig head. At tests in France, this lure was a real nightmare for zander and perch. Due to the special rubber formulation and the addition of salt, this shad can even be fished without jighead and is ideal suited for the use of off-set hooks - perfect for weedy areas.

The rubber contains squid flavor, which received most bites during the numerous tests also when fishing in fresh water. The rubber formulation is colorless - different colors can be stored together without bleeding into each other. Made in Japan.

Available lengths: 3inch/7.6cm , 4inch/10,2cm and 5inch/12.5cm

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