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Monkey Lures King Lui Yung Freezy

Monkey Lures King Lui Yung Freezy

70,00 krPrice

Did you know colours appear differently under water? The visibility depends on turbidity of water, incidence of light and depth of water.

The ultraviolet sunrays penetrate deepest into the water, causing  certain colours to become more visible than others.

Using this knowledge Monkey Lures developed different colours for their softbaits, which appear more or less visible under the influence of ultraviolet rays.

In case of good visibility we recommend baits that are less UV active and emerge more natural under water. On the other hand dealing with bad conditions more UV active baits make a good choice. Therefore Monkey Lures offers three different categories from less over middle to high UV active baits.

Yung Freezy belongs to the low UV active category


14cm package includes 4 lures

10cm package includes 5 lures

7,5cm package includes 6 lures

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