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Navionics small s2

Navionics small s2

1 795,00 krPrice

General information about Navionics and the different chart types can be found on  Navioncis Support page


Navionics + Small or NAVIONICS NAV + SMALL S2 as also mentioned is compatible with Freshest Data, Community Edits, SonarChart, Auto-routing, Plotter Sync. The features vary depending on the model and make. Visit our Compatibility List Support page.


Navionics + Small is a card series that covers small areas and is useful if you need a local map, for example. 483 which stretches from Strömstad in the north to Halmstad in the south, also Vänern and Vättern yesterday in the area.


When buying cards it is important to know which card is suitable for your plotter and also what area you want. On our support page you will find information about which map fits into the charts and also more detailed information about the area.


Detailed area information can be found on our Navionics WebAPP page


More charts (areas) on demand


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