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Okuma Ceymar TG - 3000

Okuma Ceymar TG - 3000

849,00 kr Regular Price
499,00 krSale Price

Ceymar TG (Tactical Green) has a stylish updated military green shell and the same awesome components as the other reels in the immensely popular reel series.

The hallmark of all Ceymar models is that they are well-built, rugged rollers that can take a beating. The fact that they are also affordable is another big advantage!

Choose your model based on the species and technique you intend to fish for. The smaller models are perfect for perch, the medium size is suitable for trout and rainbow trout, and if you're after pike, walleye and other large predators, the largest size is the right choice for you.

Braking system with Japanese quality brake discs

7BB+1RB for maximum smoothness, 6BB+1RB on size 1000

Quick-Set anti-reverse. Direct acting reverse lock

Precision cut brass pinion drive

Corrosion-resistant graphite roller housing

Powerful black machined anodised zinc handle

Easy grip handle made of TPE material

High precision oval liner drive

Two-tone anodised aluminium machined spool

Powerful solid aluminium shackle

RESII: Balancing of the rotor to reduce vibrations

Line control system on the spool for longer casts and better link control

Aluminum crank arm

Plastic line clip

Extra aluminium spool included

Translated with DeepL

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