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Rapala Scatter Rap Husky 13cm, 12g - Blue Shiner

Rapala Scatter Rap Husky 13cm, 12g - Blue Shiner

139,00 krPrice

Here he is, the new Rapala Scatter Rap Husky!

The legendary Rapala Husky enhanced with the Scatter Rap Escaping Minnow action.

Its unusual curved lip design sends the Scatter Rap Husky off on an irregular path, unexpectedly darting from left-to-right as it moves through the water like a nervous baitfish. This scattering movement makes the bulky balsa bodied Scatter Rap Husky the ideal choice for big predator trolling situations.

• Responsive Balsa Body with Scatter Lip
• Evasive Escaping Minnow Action
• Multi-Species Gamefish
• Designed for Trolling Applications
• VMC Black Nickel Round Bend Hooks
• Hand-Tuned & Tank Tested


length: 13cm

weight: 12g

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