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Strike Pro Power Dots

Strike Pro Power Dots

95,00 krPrice

Strike Pro Power Dots help the angler who wants to turn a floating lure into a suspending lure or a suspending into a sinking lure. These round, self adhesive dots are simply attached to your lure and stays there! Place Power Dots in different spots to achieve your preferred action and sink rate. Place on back for more irregular movement and belly flash. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure they are attached in the centre so that the lure will track straight. Two colors available, orange and white. In each pack there is 9 pcs (3x 1gr, 3x 2gr, 3x 3gr). Example: To turn a Buster Jerk Shallow Runner into a suspending lure, place a 1gr or 2gr dot (depending on type of leader).


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