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LIONTRON Lithium LiFePO4 LX BMS 12,8V 55Ah

LIONTRON Lithium LiFePO4 LX BMS 12,8V 55Ah

8 350,00 kr Regular Price
3 500,00 krSale Price



Fully-fledged lead-acid battery replacement with maximum service life.


LIONTRON LifePO4 batteries are a fully-fledged 12V lead-acid battery replacement with all the advantages of lithium iron phosphate. It offers significant weight reduction, enormous energy reserves and stable voltage even under extreme loads.


The storage battery has been specially developed to fully meet the high demands placed on storage batteries today. Maximum safety and a long service life are guaranteed even with regular deep discharge thanks to the latest lithium technology. It enables an extremely high cycle life (over 3000 cycles at 90% DoD) and makes the LIONTRON® batteries the optimal traction battery.


The battery is only suitable for 12V installation. A parallel connection to increase the capacity is possible (series connection to e.g. 24V is not possible).

Bluetooth monitoring

Battery status always in view


With the integrated Bluetooth 4.0 monitoring you have all important battery data always in view on your smartphone or tablet. Among other things, the app displays the following data in real time:


▪ Battery charge status in % (SoC)

▪ Battery voltage

▪ Charge / discharge current

▪ Remaining capacity

Battery temperature

▪ Number of charge / discharge cycles

▪ Nominal / capacity


To connect battery and a smartphone / tablet, the device must support Bluetooth version 4.0.

Safest lithium technology.

Absolutely Intrinsically Safe.

Our batteries are based on lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology. This is currently the safest lithium technology. Each battery consists of a high-performance lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) accumulator and an integrated battery management system, or BMS for short.

This constantly monitors the status of the individual cells and protects them from overcharging, overvoltage and overtemperature, among other things. An early failure of the accumulator due to environmental influences or incorrect use is prevented by the BMS in advance.

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