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Rapala Twitching Rap 12cm, 53g - Dark Draugr

Rapala Twitching Rap 12cm, 53g - Dark Draugr

139,00 krPrice

Twitchin Rap has the perfect "Rapala classic shape" that is easy-to-fish and easy-to-catch fish with.

The bait is made of balsa, which makes it easy to fish and the bait responds immediately to all your tracking movements. The balsa wood is hand-picked and tested to guarantee the correct density and sinking speed on each specimen.

Twitchin Rap can be fished just below the surface, which means that the predatory fish can easily see it from their hiding places. Perfectly balanced and slowly descending, it rocks downwards at spin stop. Something that triggers the predatory fish biting reflexes!

Twitchin Rap can be fished in several ways. With the rod tip against the surface and small twitches, the bait protrudes really wide from side to side. It can also be cranked home in fine wide S-curves or cranked with a spin stop to mimic an injured bait fish.

• Length: 12cm
• Weight: 53g

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