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Spro Iris V-Power UV Olive 13cm

Spro Iris V-Power UV Olive 13cm

25,00 krPrice

Zander and pearch specialists know that no action shads can be the key to success when it comes to passive predators. The gentle action of a V-tail lure can activate the senses of large and cautious predators when other rubber lures are being ignored. To assist you in such situations, SPRO has designed and developed the Iris V-Power. With its rounded body, oversized pectoral fins and extra flattened v-tail fin, the V-Power has a balanced and unique sinking action. Mounted on a jig or drop-shot rig, this rubber lure sinks in slow motion and has a very natural action. Combined with attractive colors and built-in UV activators, this rubber bait can be the key to success in difficult situations.


size: 13cm

colour:  UV Olive

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